Free NOC-PS Lite server provisioning software

To let people get to know our product, we are introducing a new entry level edition of our NOC-PS dedicated server provisioning software.
You can now use our NOC-PS Lite edition for up to 25 servers free of charge.
This edition is actually so lightweight it is capable of running on a Raspberry Pi and allows you to (re)install the operating system of your dedicated servers over the network.


  • Contains installation profiles for the 64-bit editions of the following Linux distributions:

    * CentOS 7
    * Debian Jessie
    * Fedora 22
    * Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
    * Ubuntu 15.04
    * SystemRescueCd recovery system

  • Performs full PXE network installations of the operating system (NOT disk cloning)
  • Servers can be rebooted automatically if the mainboard is equipped with IPMI/BMC/iLO/DRAC/AMT functionality, or is connected to an APC, Racktivity, Ipoman or Koukaam NetIO remote power switch.

System requirements

  • A $ 25 Raspberry Pi model B, B+ or 2B. So you do not need to allocate an expensive server for it.
  • SD card of at least 4 GB as storage.

Limitations compared to the full NOC-PS version

  • Windows and FreeBSD installations are not supported in the Lite edition. Neither do we provide profiles for older Linux editions.
  • Limited to provisioning 25 servers (unique MAC-addresses) per year. You can however provision each server multiple times.
  • No API access, or billing system integration possible in the Lite version. Limited to only one webinterface user.


Installation instructions are available at: